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Islamabad is the most beautiful and developed city of Pakistan. Life in Islamabad is real very different from other cities of Pakistan. I have lived in Islamabad for 14 years since I returned from abroad. Here is what changes and experiences I have faced during these years. Initially Islamabad used to be a quite and calm city but it no more seems to be same. Most of the residents of Islamabad were Government officials (generally referred as Babu) who had fixed income. Enjoying outdoor eatings, staying up to date in fashions etc was not something for them. Most of the families from other cities were not willing to move to this boring (as they may call it) city of Pakistan. However here is something that made a major difference in population and reason of Islamanad to reach where it is today.
Most of the Pakistani who moved abroad, may they be from small cities or major cities or villages, they earned a good income abroad and got used to a different type of life style. They wanted security, secure traffic, educated people, clean and healthy environment. Islamabad was of course the best choice to move or build a house when they returned or planned to return. Now with this, many Pakistani started flowing in to Islamabad from abroad. This changed islamabad to a lot extent and it was no more city of babus. In fact Pakistanis from all cultures and cities started settling here. This resulted in new businesses and with new businesses more job openeings and of course to fill this gap of job openeings, candidates from other cities of Pakistan started moving to Islamabad.

With this I would also like to share the changes and developments that happend. The huge Underpasses will of course help divert and distribute traffic specially that is moving to Rawalpindi. But this does't solve all problems. In fact the number of vehicles are increasing. Residents of Islamabad are selling motorbikes and buying small cars. A used Mehran costs between 2 lakh and 3 Lakhs. Some thing an average middle class salary person can purchase easily with 1 year saving in Islamabad. I believe Islamabad is going to face acute problems of traffic congestion in like 3-4 years from now. The courts and judiciary system of Islamabad has now moved to G-10/1 I & t cENTRE. There are lots of government offices being constructed in buildings in Mauve Area if you move from G-10/1 towards 0 point. This road has now also been converted to one way after adding another lane. The new stock exchange building is a real nice one and impressive. Islamabad really needs to have tall towers in Blue area to make it look impressive. However eathquake in Islamabad has always been a threat predicted. With the collapse of Margallah Tower earth quake, residents of Islamabad now hesitate to reside in tall buildings or towers. The CDA must give assurity and make it very strict to abide the earth quake tolerance policy.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) came into existence in 1960, first by an executive order issued in 1960 entitled the Pakistan Capital Regulation, which was then superseded by the CDA ordinance issued in 1960. Capital Development Authority CDA is responsible for all the developments made or being made in the federal capital Islamabad. The responsibilities of CDA includes as acting as a regulatory authority, all sort of maintenance of the capital and the future development and planning of the federal capital.

The major objectives of the Capital Development Authority CDA are City Maintenance, Citizens Satisfaction, Availability of indispensable necessities, and further expansion of city with the passage of time, making amendments to meet requirements of that time, to keep city and its environment clean. Acquire land and undertake works in specified Area. Planning and execution of development schemes, Procure plants machinery instruments and materials. Capital Development Authority CDA carries out studies, surveys and research. Removal of any works obstructing in schemes. Capital Development Authority CDA is responsible for the plotting and the development made in the federal capital.

The planning and designing of the residential or commercial area should be approved by CDA before starting the construction. Capital development Authority CDA allows the sale purchase of the property in Pakistan according to the rules and regulations of CDA. CDA is also responsible for any sort of documentation related to the real estate and property in Pakistan. CDA deals in with all matters relating to Allotment/transfer of non-residential plots of all categories under the Land Disposal Policy such as commercial plots, markets, government residents, embassies, luxury flats, economy flats, government schools/colleges, Hotels, Motels, CNG & Petrol Pumps, agriculture land, industries, poultry forms, vegetables and whole sale markets, and industrial plots.

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