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Our wesite provides all the list of registered and well known property dealers of Pakistan and real estate agents in karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Their phone numbers etc are missing. If you find a property agent or dealer to be caught in fraud or misguiance, you must immediately inform us so we can take propert action and remove him from the list of property dealers and real estate agents in Pakistan. What most of real estate agents and property dealers in Pakistan do is, they try to cheat the Pakistanis who are returning from abroad and have their hard earned money with them. Because most of them had moved from villages or other smaller cities of Pakistan, therefore they don't have a lot of idea or information about property and real estate in Pakistan. These fraudulent agents and dealers lure them to invest in property and housing schemes that are not authentic and legal. These housing schemes may not have valid license to open housing schemes in Islamabad Lahore or Karachi. Therefore they may cheat with people and earn commission. Such property dealers and agents may keep changes their locations and offices to avoid threats of legal action etc. While you plan to invest in property you must be very carefull and consider many factors.       

Karachi is the capital of Sind and is one of the oldest and biggest cities of Pakistan. History of Karachi is very old as hundreds of years of this city are passed by. Karachi considered being the hub of the industrial zone of Pakistan. Karachi is also a port city where all the shipments arrive and departs therefore Karachi is considered to be the important city of Pakistan in industrial point of view.

Karachi is not a planned city as it was developed way back hundreds of years therefore there is not much land for cultivation in Karachi as it is considered to be the industrial city.Real estate Pakistan also offers different types of land for sale & purchase purpose in Karachi in which includes residential area in different housing schemes and also commercial land. Real estate Pakistan offers sale & purchase of different buildings, plots and built houses to the customers.

These facilities provided to the customers are on different locations at reasonable prices. Karachi is considered to be utilized for the industrial purpose therefore many foreign companies also show interests in investing in the industrial sector in Karachi. This makes Karachi very important and similarly the population of Karachi is increasing day by day as all the people across the country are settling in Karachi or near to Karachi therefore the property of sale & purchase of the property is always on the move. Real estate Pakistan is very active and provides the clients with quality services.


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